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Coastal Georgia Labs is a family/hobby breeder that limits the number of litters we offer each year to a manageable number and pace for our unique approach to the process. Every puppy is born in our home, where they all live every day of their lives until leaving for the new loving homes that you provide. They are well socialized with humans, dogs, the cat and a variety of experiences.

We "work with" every puppy every day utilizing the "Bio Sensory Development" techniques that are well documented to maximize the intellectual development and the calm, focused temperament of a pup that is settled and fearless. Whether your new puppy will be your hunting companion, your homebody - with kids or elderly, or your competitor for trials, you find our pups to be very trainable and anxious to please.

Our pups will grow into a happy healthy adult with a lean, muscular conformation (when fed & exercised properly), a beautiful block head and an energetic, athletic drive that you will be proud to have with you.

With Full AKC Registration, you will have the confidence of knowing that your newest family member is among the highest quality pure bred Labrador Retrievers available today.

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